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Bahraini actor marks presents in Hollywood

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Reported by Zahra Ayaz

Popular YouTuber and Bahraini actor Kaj Adnan have a leading role in the Hollywood comedy film “Final Score.”

The movie follows a group of students who plot to steal the answers to their final history exam on the night of their school dance.

Kaj’s character faces numerous challenges from their tormentor, leading to a series of comic mishaps and unexpected twists.

The film is set to be presented at several international festivals once filming wraps up. After several weeks of difficult auditions, Kaj’s talent and commitment won over the casting directors, earning him a part in the much-awaited film.

The power of perseverance and hard work is demonstrated by Kaj’s journey from Bahrain to Hollywood, and many other social media influencers are finding encouragement in this. He travelled to Los Angeles to attend the New York Film Academy with a passion for acting.

He developed his skills there and took part in a number of notable short films. He also played the lead role in the short film “A Pandemic Nightmare”, which was organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports with the support of the US Embassy in Bahrain.