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Man jailed in Bahrain for attempting to kill son

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A man accused of attempting to murder his son with a chainsaw has been jailed for life by the High Criminal Court.

According to court files, the man reportedly tried to kill his son under the pretext that the teenager was on drugs and he was acting unstable. The victim’s mother told prosecutors that the pair weren’t seeing eye to eye.

“Before the incident, the school requested us to come because an issue arose involving our son. They told us he was caught smoking e-cigarettes. I managed to convince them to punish him by suspending him for two days,” the mother told prosecutors.

“On the day of the crime, I was out in the evening, and my son was asleep. When I returned I saw my husband’s clothes were bloodstained. I rushed inside and I saw my son fighting for his life,” she added.

The victim was rushed to hospital and managed to survive. The father handed himself in to the police and confessed to his crime. “He used to regularly insult me and he has gone out of control,” the father pointed out to prosecutors.