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Modernize and improve Bahrain ministries and government departments: HRH Prince Salman

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His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Crown Prince and Prime Minister, instructed the ministries and government departments to implement His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa’s royal vision and directives to ensure the continuity of the development and modernisation in various fields and improve performance efficiency.

HRH Prince Salman attended yesterday’s weekly Cabinet meeting, chaired by HM the King. On behalf of the government, HRH the Crown Prince and Prime Minister extended his deepest thanks and gratitude to HM King Hamad for appreciating the role the government plays in driving the Kingdom’s comprehensive development process.

His Royal Highness affirmed that the royal appreciation would stimulate everyone in the government to double their efforts and work as one team so that the government performance will always achieve the lofty royal visions.

Peace and harmony

His Majesty emphasised that Bahrain is a country of peace and harmony, as it is characterized by its diverse social mixture, which enhances its strength and status among the nations.

He affirmed that the kingdom will maintain its approach based on consolidating the values of tolerance and openness, in a way that would enhance rapprochement among peoples and cultures and spread peace and harmony across the world.

While reviewing regional and international issues, HM King Hamad praised the achievements of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries in various fields, stressing the Kingdom’s support for everything aimed at strengthening cooperation amomg GCC states and achieving the interests of their peoples.

He also highlighted the importance of further developing cooperation and coordination among the GCC states at all levels to serve common interests and achieve the forecast goals. HM the King also underlined the importance of commitment to implementing all the resolutions of the GCC Supreme Council and the Al-Ula Summit Declaration, in addition to carrying on coordinating the stances of the GCC countries at various international gatherings.

Common aspirations

HM King Hamad also stressed the importance of resolving all outstanding issues and matters between Bahrain and Qatar to achieve the common aspirations of their citizens, preserve the cohesion of the GCC, and safeguard the region’s security and stability.

HM the King also renewed the Kingdom’s firm stance in support of the Palestinian cause, and backing of all endeavours aimed at achieving just and comprehensive peace in the region, in a way that achieves well-being, stability and prosperity for all the peoples of the region.