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Sameer Nass-led Tojjar 22 Bloc files its candidacy papers

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Tojjar 22 Bloc, led by businessman Sameer Nass, yesterday filed its candidacy papers to the Elections Committee to run for the elections of the 30th Board of the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), scheduled to be held on March 19.

In addition to Nass, the Bloc includes Khalid Najibi, Mohammed A. Jabbar Al Kooheji, Aaref Hejres, Waleed Kanoo, Basim Alsaie, Jameel Alghanah, Waheeb Al Khaja, Sonya Janahi, Batool Mohammed Dadabhai, Mohammad Farooq Almoayyad, Ahmed Alsalloom, Yousuf Salahuddin, Abdulwahab Al Hawaj, Nawwaf Khalid Zayani, Abdulla Adel Fakhro, Sawsan Abulhassan Mohammed, and Ahmed Yousif Ali.

Tojjar 22 constitutes as one of the most significant blocs that are running for the BCCI’s elections, for it is a cohesive and diversified bloc of market traders and submitted an ambitious electoral program titled “Sustainability and Growth”, which represents a clear vision to help the commercial street to move forward and develop businesses, and qualify the local market to face regional and global economic challenges.


In a press statement on the sidelines of filing the candidacy papers, Nass said that the next session of the BCCI will be an appropriate opportunity for the Bloc to complete its programs for the benefit of the BCCI members, pointing out that the Bloc worked over the past years to restructure the BCCI and restore and consolidate its position at all levels, which has already been achieved and accordingly the BCCI has become a major participant in shaping the economic decision in the Kingdom, along with the legislative and executive authorities.

Tojjar 22 Bloc expressed its confidence in the awareness of the commercial street in the Kingdom of Bahrain concerning the importance of collaborating together to help the national economy recover, and it is honored to undertake this significant mission despite the difficulties the stage is witnessing, stressing its determination to keep up exerting every effort to implement its electoral program, which enhances the status of the BCCI in a manner that serves the interests of the commercial street.