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Residence for Gulf Air crew in Calicut, soil injection for cracks at housing units

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Gulf Air is looking to rent a residence for their crew during their stopover in Calicut in the South Indian state of Kerala.

According to the carrier, eligible parties should sign the contract for five years.

This development came as the tender board opened 45 bids received for seven tenders by various ministries and organisation.

Gulf Air’s tender said the contract is for providing accommodation and food for its crew during their stay at Calicut, India.

The tender board said the contract attracted three bidders - Gulf Asia Contracting, The Raviz Kadavu Unit of R. P Resorts Pvt Ltd and The Gateway Hotel. Bids ranged between INR 77,692,440.000 and INR 68,569,812.000.

The Gateway Hotel was the lowest bidder. The Tender Board is an independent regulatory body charged with supervising government bidding and bidding practices.

Cracks at housing units

The Ministry of Housing said it is looking for someone who could do ‘soil injection works’ for some of its housing units that had developed cracks.

The affected units are at the site 178, Block 901, Al Haniniya.

The tender received two bids. Bahrain Dutch Foundation’s BHD 314,351.410 was the lowest bid.

Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning said it is looking for a contractor for doing the ground filling and associated works.

The tender placed received 12 bids ranging from BHD 599,865.000 to BHD 3,428,101.930.

Down Town Construction Company was the lowest bidder. The committee also opened a tender by the Ministry of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments to provide 62 Hajib and 17 Security guards. Twelve companies competed for the contract, which received bids ranging between BHD 22,748.250 and BHD 714,155.400. The committee also opened a tender by the Information and eGovernment Authority for hiring Operational Excellence Specialists for Information Technology Services Management System (ITSM) System. The tender received four bids. Atyaf Esolutions made the lowest bid of BHD 10,315.200.

Consultancy service

The committee further opened a tender for the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority to obtain consultancy services for development and implementation of cost models for Bnet for which received 11 bids.

Representatives of the administering authorities and the companies participating in the tenders attended the bidding process. All bids are subject to technical and financial evaluation, and the best bid will be awarded based on conditions and lowest price.