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Cleanliness is a “civilised behaviour” : Bahrain

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Municipalities in the Kingdom took part in more than 84 awareness campaigns in 2020 to enhance public cleanliness and educate society that cleanliness is a “civilised behaviour”.

The Capital municipality, Muharraq, Southern and Northern municipalities were part of the campaigns held in partnership with civil society institutions and private sector.


“These campaigns were for activating community partnership and transforming it into a practical solution to ensure the cleanliness of cities, and eliminate behaviours that distort the aesthetic beauty of the main areas and streets,” said Sheikh Mohammed bin Ahmed Al Khalifa, the Undersecretary for Municipal Affairs.

Sheikh Mohammed said that the campaigns are under the direct follow-up of the Minister of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning, Essam Khalaf. Capital Municipal Council Chairman, Saleh Taher Mohammed Tarrada, praised the constructive cooperation between civil society institutions and the Capital Municipality Council.


“The campaigns contributed to preserving the aesthetic and civilisational nature of the Capital,” he said. “Maintaining public cleanliness has a great role in encouraging people to visit Bahrain, and this is what enhances economic activity.”

Chairman of the Northern Municipal Council Ahmed Al-Kooheji said, “Strengthening community partnership is the most important pillar of municipal work, which helps us achieve environmental goals, enhance public awareness on cleanliness and reduce municipal violations.”


“We have carried out many such campaigns in the northern coasts of Budaiy, Al-Malikiyah and Bousbah in partnership with the Civil Society Foundation,” Al-Kooheji said.

He said the projects enhanced the concepts of municipal work and community partnership.

“The cleanliness law highlight most of these violations that we seek to eliminate through community partnership.”

The head of the Southern District Municipal Council, Badr Al-Tamimi, said, “One of the most important objectives of these campaigns is to instil the concept of responsibility and community partnership in maintaining the general cleanliness and educating the society that cleanliness is a civilised behaviour.”