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Necessary steps taken for public security during Eid holidays

TDT | Manama

Police patrols deployed in various areas of the Kingdom during Eid Al Adha were able to successfully enforce precautionary measures against the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, according to Public Security for Operations and Training Affairs assistant chief Brigadier Dr Shaikh Hamad bin Mohammed Al Khalifa.

Dr Shaikh Mohammed asserted that the Interior Ministry had taken all the required steps to ensure the safety of citizens and residents during the Eid holidays. He hailed the cooperation of the public with the police in carrying out their security-related duties.

Dr Shaikh Mohammed revealed that during the Eid holiday, the police directorates had taken 106 procedures to ensure social distancing and registered 900 violations of not wearing masks at public places. They also organised 23 awareness campaigns about the importance of following precautionary measures.

Northern Governorate Police deployed 25 patrols to take the required steps to prevent gatherings of more than five persons at public places, such as beaches, parks and markets. It reported 253 mask-related violations, took 20 steps to ensure social distancing and four awareness campaigns.

Capital Governorate Police took specific procedures to protect security and public orders, along with assisting people. It registered 161 masked related violations and took eight procedures to ensure social distancing. Muharraq Governorate Police took four steps to protect social distancing between people in public and reported 162 mask-related violations.

It also conducted 11 field awareness campaigns, including distributing masks among people and gifts for children. Southern Governorate Police carried out eight awareness campaigns and reported 73 mask-related violations. It took 34 steps to ensure social distancing.

The Public Security presidency registered 251 violations related to not wearing masks at public places and 40 steps to ensure social distancing in all parts of Bahrain. The Operations Directorate deployed “Najda” (Rescue) patrols, while the Ports Security General Directorate evacuated 171 travellers and facilitated the testing of 840 individuals who arrived in Bahrain. The National Ambulance Centre dealt with 52 cases of carrying confirmed and suspected coronavirus cases.