MOH announces the registration of 9 new cases of coronavirus, coming from Iran  | THE DAILY TRIBUNE | KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN

MOH announces the registration of 9 new cases of coronavirus, coming from Iran 


The Ministry of Health announced the registration of 9 new cases of coronavirus (Covid 19) to Bahraini and Saudi citizens coming from Iran through Dubai and Sharjah through Bahrain International Airport, bringing the total number of cases so far to 17 infected in the Kingdom. Ministry has confirmed that it performs the necessary checks for all travelers coming from the affected countries upon their arrival at Bahrain International Airport in the hall designated for this matter. 

The ministry indicated that the results of the analyzes that were made for the nine new cases confirmed that these cases were infected with the virus and that necessary measures were taken with the infected cases by transferring them immediately to Ibrahim Khalil Kano Health Center in Al-Salmaniya region, and isolating them to receive the necessary treatment and care. 
The Ministry of Health stated that the nine cases are of four female citizens coming from Iran via Sharjah and three citizens, two of them coming from Iran through Sharjah and one through Dubai, along with two Saudi women coming from Iran through Sharjah. 
Stressing that all new cases and all previously infected cases are subject to continuous follow-up and careful care by the specialized medical team, and that the accompanying patients were also removed for isolation as a precautionary measure after ensuring that they are not infected with the virus. 
The Ministry of Health noted that the infected cases arrived in the Kingdom before the issuance of the Civil Aviation Affairs decision to suspend all flights coming from Dubai International Airport and Sharjah International Airport for 48 hours. 
The Ministry pointed out that, in coordination with the concerned authorities, it undertakes all necessary precautionary and preventive measures to combat the virus, whereby all arrivals to Bahrain International Airport suspected of contracting the virus are examined to ensure that they are not infected with it, and if symptoms appear on them, they are immediately transferred to treatment after confirming the results of the analysis, and isolating them in Centers designated according to the medical protocols against COVID 19, global guidelines and guidelines for the Gulf Health Council as recommended by the World Health Organization. 
The Ministry of Health calls upon all citizens and residents that if they feel symptoms associated with the Corona virus (Covid 19), they should stay in their residence in a separate room, call 444, and follow the instructions that will be given to them by the medical team, with the need to avoid mixing with others.