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A rare Gift from the Indian Prime Minister!

Narendra Modi the Indian Prime Minister has sent an embroidered wall painting of Lord Shreenathji made out of cotton fabric and silk thread as a symbol of Community craft of the Folk communities living in Southern Rajasthan and Northern Gujarat as gift for the Manama Sreekrishna temple.

The image depicts Lord Shreenathji in all his ceremonial glory standing in front of an elegantly structured background of peacocks, leafy vine and a border of cows. The colourful yet earthy tones of Shreenathji or Thakurji, as he is reverently known in Nathdwara, adorn the Ceremonial spaces of many Indian homes and symbolize the beautiful and timeless confluence of Art and Lore in India.

Mr. Sushil Muljimal, the Chairman of the Thattai Hindu Community (THC), which manages the Temple, revealed,  “The gift will be framed and placed at a prominent place in the Temple. This is a matter of pride for all of us, and we invite all devotees to come and have a glimpse of this very special offering from Honorable Prime Minister Shree Narendra Modi Ji”