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Saraya Al Mukhtar terrorists lose appeal

The High Criminal Appeals Court has dismissed the appeals of two defendants convicted of joining terror group Saraya Al Mukhtar (Al Mukhtar Brigades). A lower court had sentenced one of them to 15 years in jail, while the other was served a seven-year sentence. The court also revoked their nationality in accordance with the Kingdom’s anti-terror law. The appellants were arrested alongside three other men after it came to light that they were part of Al Mukhtar Brigades, a group listed as terrorist organisation by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Britain. The group has claimed responsibility for several terrorist attacks in Bahrain and among its top targets were police officers. The group aimed at undermining Bahrain’s peace and stability.

As per the official records, the convicted men were assigned to execute particular tasks for the group leaders, and this was confirmed by the third appellant who agreed to the first appellant’s statement before Prosecution. The High Criminal Court had earlier acquitted two defendants in the case due to lack of evidence. Although the third convict was sentenced to three years, he didn’t challenge his verdict.