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Bahrain condemns attack on UAE ship

Manama : The Kingdom of Bahrain has condemned the missile attack which targeted a ship belonging to the brotherly United Arab Emirates while leaving Al Mokha Seaport in Yemen.
"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs affirms that such a cowardly terrorist act is a flagrant breach of all international laws and norms and a dangerous threat to international navigation in a vital and strategic place for world security and peace."

"While the ministry values the great efforts being exerted by the brotherly UAE to reinforce security and stability in the Republic of Yemen and the entire region, it calls on the international community to stand up together to the terrorist acts perpetrated by the Coup Militias, their supporters and funders," according to the ministry statement issued today.

"The ministry says such confrontation is prerequisite for the protection of international navigation and for the implementation of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2216 which interdicts all these criminal practices that hinder the endeavors to restore security and peace in the Republic of Yemen."

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