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Al Ansari wins Bowling Master title

ManamaYaseen Al Ansari defeated Abdul Aziz Al Bu Falah 198-186 pins in the stepladder final to win the Bapco Interdepartmental Bowling Master Tournament with H/C title at the Ozone Bowling Centre in the Sitra Mall.

In the second/third place match, Al Bu Falah bt Essa Akbar 221-167, Al Bu Falah also won the third/fourth place match 233-221 against Meteb Mubarak, while Mubarak was a 200-167 winner against Ebrahim Abdulla in the fourth/fifth place match.

Each of the 12 participants played 11 round-robin games and one for positioning to determine the top five stepladder qualifiers.

Tonight the Banagas doubles championship begins consisting of teams of two, and must not exceed 340 as the combined average of the two players. Prizes will be awarded to the top five teams.

Qualifiers (pins):

1) Yaseen Al Ansari 2,677 

2) Essa Akbar 2,635 

3) Abdul Aziz Al Bu Falah 2,552

4) Ebrahim Abdulla 2,550

5) Meteb Mubarak 2,532

6) Abdul Aziz Al Madani 2,494

7) Hassan Qaeid 2,433

8) Nabeel Al Obaidly 2,409

9) Abdulla Al Aadi 2,328

10) Ali Al Heloo 2,297

11) Abdulla M.Abbas 2,197

12)  Khaled Abdulla 2,164.

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