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Hepatitis: Food import from Egypt under scanner

Manama: In the wake of a report by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on the possible cases of Hepatitis (A) from strawberry juice imported from Egypt, the Health Ministry has instructed food control inspectors at border checkpoints to take samples of strawberries and food items from Egypt for laboratory tests. 

The ministry also temporarily halted the import of these products to ensure safety.

According to the FDA report, there are possible cases of Hepatitis (A) in the State of Virginia and several other States from strawberry juice imported from Egypt that are being served from a retail chain of restaurants.


Health Ministry officials said food control inspectors will keep tab on all food products imported to Bahrain and displayed in local markets. The inspectors are routinely collecting samples from these shipments.

Meanwhile, Saudi Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) recently revealed that Egyptian strawberries are free from Hepatitis (A) virus and Egyptian cheese does not contain formalin, which is a hazardous substance. 

This result came after conducting the necessary laboratory analysis, while Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman are currently testing the food products in order to verify their compliance with health standards.