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Vital Budaiya Highway to Undergo Major Expansion and Facelift

TDT | Manama

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Budaiya Highway, a crucial artery in Bahrain's transportation network, is poised for a significant expansion and renovation, according to documents released by the Ministry of Works. This ambitious project aims to improve traffic flow, enhance safety, and boost connectivity along this vital corridor.

The project will involve constructing approximately 6.5 kilometres of new 3-lane dual carriageways along Budaiya Highway, extending from the Al Qadam Roundabout to the Janabiya Highway intersection. Four new traffic signals will be installed to replace existing roundabouts, and changes will be made to the current traffic signal at the Janabiya Highway intersection.

The upgrades will also include the installation of new street lighting and the diversion and protection of existing utility infrastructure along the highway. In particular, the project plans include constructing footbridges at various points along Budaiya Highway to improve pedestrian safety and connectivity.

Work on the project is expected to begin in the next few months after a contractor is selected through the tender process. Two prominent construction firms, Haji Hassan Group with a bid value of BHD 29,936,870.990 and Nass Contracting with a bid value of BHD 31,435,270.000, are competing for the tender.

The Ministry of Works has stated that the aim of this infrastructure project is to facilitate the smooth flow of traffic and enhance the overall functionality of this important transportation corridor in Bahrain.