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The Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning Launches "Virtual Customer Service Center" Platform

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The Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning has launched the "Virtual Customer Service Center" platform, marking a significant step in improving citizen services. This virtual platform enables citizens to complete all housing-related transactions provided by the ministry's customer service centre without the need for a personal visit.

Ms Donia Sarhan, the Assistant Undersecretary for Resources and Information at the Ministry, stated that the new platform offers a comprehensive range of services. Citizens can now submit housing applications, check the status of their applications, and update application data electronically. The platform also provides real-time updates on information, data, and housing transactions, ensuring efficient and timely service delivery.

The "Virtual Customer Service Center" offers various communication channels for citizens. These include the ability to chat directly with the centre's employees, a visual communication feature for sign language, and the option to submit inquiries, notes, and suggestions through the national "Tawasul" system. Citizens can also contact the ministry's hotline (80008001) for assistance and remote consultations on financial services.

The launch of the virtual platform is part of the ministry's broader efforts to improve government services and create a customer-focused environment. Sarhan highlighted the recent development of the ministry's website, which now includes all housing services electronically and features interactive services to facilitate citizens' procedures.

These efforts have been recognised, with the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning winning the Best Website Award at the 2023 e-Government Excellence Awards.

The Assistant Undersecretary emphasised that the "Virtual Customer Service Center" platform saves time and effort for customers by allowing them to complete their housing transactions without the need for a personal visit. The platform provides detailed information, standards, and instructions on using the electronic services, with the ministry's team ready to offer support and assistance to platform visitors.

To ensure continuous improvement, the platform includes an interactive evaluation system to measure customer satisfaction periodically. The ministry will analyse the results to identify opportunities for enhancement and maintain high levels of citizen satisfaction.

The launch of the "Virtual Customer Service Center" platform represents a significant advancement in the ministry's efforts to modernise its services and prioritise the convenience and satisfaction of its citizens.