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Court Rules Nurse Can Be Punished for Neglect Despite Prior Warning

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The High Civil Court has ruled that a nurse who was previously warned about her performance can still be punished for neglecting her duties. 

The court found that a warning from a supervisor does not constitute a disciplinary penalty and does not prevent further disciplinary action.

The case involved a nurse who was accused of neglecting a patient by forgetting her at the clinic after hours.

The nurse had previously received a warning from her supervisor about her performance.

But a disciplinary committee was formed to investigate the offence, and it concluded that the nurse should be also punished by receiving a seven-day salary deduction. 

The nurse argued that the warning constituted a disciplinary penalty and that she could not be punished twice for the same offense.

However, the court disagreed, stating that a warning is simply a way for a supervisor to point out an employee's mistakes and does not constitute a formal disciplinary action.

The court also noted that the nurse's neglect of the patient was a serious offense that warranted disciplinary action.

The court ultimately ruled that the nurse could be punished with a seven-day salary deduction.