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Al-Dahen: Whoever cheats us is not one of us, and the “Nationality” law warns against cheating and forgery

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His Excellency MP Dr. Maryam Al-Dhaen, Vice-Chairman of the Foreign Affairs, Defense and National Security Committee, confirmed that the decision of His Excellency Lieutenant General Sheikh Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa, Minister of the Interior, regarding the formation of a committee to review all cases of acquiring Bahraini citizenship as of 2010, is an important step to take action against those who circumvent the law. By providing incorrect information and data or forged documents.

Al-Dhaen stated that the Kingdom of Bahrain was able, thanks to the lofty royal vision of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, the great king of the country, may God protect and preserve him, to combat corruption in its various forms and confront it, noting that the approach taken by His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa is Al-Ahed Prime Minister, may God protect him, who established the principles of accountability and responsibility in government work, noting in the same context the great efforts made by the Ministry of the Interior, and the results of the investigations and reviews carried out by the Nationality, Passports and Residence Affairs, which revealed the presence of people who obtained Citizenship through fraud and in violation of the law, which is what His Excellency the Minister stated with all transparency and clarity, which confirms his complete keenness to take the necessary action in this regard.

The Vice-Chairman of the Foreign Affairs, Defense and National Security Committee in the House of Representatives pointed out that there are experiences of neighboring countries in this regard, and that these measures are in the interest of the nation and the citizen, noting that the Bahraini Nationality Law was issued in the year 1963, and then a number of amendments were made to it, and there is a need to establish Controls and standards on the basis of which the honor of Bahraini citizenship is obtained, in a manner that is consistent with taking into account the interconnectedness of the social fabric, and contributes to the advancement and renaissance of the Kingdom of Bahrain by granting citizenship to those deserving of it, and in a manner that does not conflict at the same time with international conventions and human rights.

She added: “We are not against granting citizenship to those who deserve it, but whoever cheats us is not one of us, and the law clearly stipulates that Bahraini citizenship will be withdrawn from naturalized persons if it was obtained by fraud or based on false statements or concealment of essential information or based on forged documents, and it is permissible to This case is the withdrawal of Bahraini citizenship from every person who acquired it through him.”

Al-Dhaen indicated that the issue of granting citizenship is extremely important and must be subject to scrutiny and scrutiny before taking any action, expressing her confidence in the care and interest of His Excellency the Minister of the Interior that the committee include an elite group of specialists known for their competence and integrity, and work according to objective frameworks to study and examine all cases to which it applies.

The decision to review all cases of acquiring Bahraini citizenship from 2010 until the current year to ensure the accuracy of the data and documents with high accuracy, so that the necessary decisions can be taken regarding them, and the necessary laws and provisions are applied regarding those involved in this matter, stressing the continuation of the legislative authority to support all efforts that fall within the framework of confronting Corruption through constitutional amendments and the enactment of laws and legislation in order to embody the political will, enhance integrity and transparency, preserve the rights and gains of citizens, and support the comprehensive development renaissance process of the Kingdom of Bahrain.