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Bahrain students to leave for Italian textile training

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In the framework of bilateral cultural relations between Italy and Bahrain, a delegation of students from the College of Art & Design of the Royal University for Women is leaving to Italy to benefit from a full immersion week of training on how to transform raw materials to exquisite textiles offered by Lyria Academy, with the support of the Embassy of Italy in Bahrain.

Based in the Tuscan city of Prato, the heart of the Italian textile industry, Lyria produces original and timeless fabrics.

Riccardo Bruni, the owner and the creative force behind the brand is a textile designer blending tradition, experimentation and emotion to create absolutely unique materials with strong character.

Riccardo Bruni’s aesthetic, based on the appreciation of the transience of nature and the impermanence of life, is particularly attracted attention of the fashion world; Lyria works with the most important designers and maisons across the globe.

The participants in the projects are developing original fabrics and patterns that incorporate the tradition of the Kingdom of Bahrain with the support of the Italian experts from Lyria.

The best fabric will be awarded a prize and the students will have the chance to showcase the result of their works at an exhibition in 2025 alongside the excellence of Lyria in fashion and textile.

The Ambassador of Italy, Andrea Catalano, commending the strong cooperation with the Royal University for Women, which also hosts the Center for Italian Language and Culture “Grazia Deledda” commented: “When we talk about Italian fashion and textile, we are not just talking about a product: we are talking about the history, the values and the traditions behind it.

“That perfectly mixes with the natural Italian enthusiasm for research and development toward new environmental friendly technologies and methods to give birth to high quality textiles that are paramount for the success of the Italian fashion and design making it an excellence that is recognized as such worldwide.

We share these values with the Bahraini designers that are working with enthusiasm on this project to which we are fully committed.”

On behalf of Royal University for Women President, Prof. Riyad Hamzah and staff, the Academic Vice President Prof. Jean Pierre El Asmar highlighted the importance the University places on its partnership with the Italian Embassy in Manama at various levels.