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Bahraini Citizen Killed in Iraq Road Accident, to be Laid to Rest in Najaf

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The Bahraini woman who tragically lost her life in a road accident that occurred on a major highway near the Iraqi city of Nasiriyah on Friday will be laid to rest in Najaf this afternoon, according to the wishes of her family, revealed the Bahraini Ambassador to Iraq.

The fatal incident happened on Friday in Iraq, causing the death of the woman, namely Fawzya Al Najar, who was in her sixties, as well as seven injuries among Bahraini citizens.

The Bahraini Ambassador to Iraq, Khalid Al Mansour, expressed his deepest condolences to the family of the deceased and wished them patience and solace. He also extended his well wishes for a speedy recovery to the injured citizens, who remain hospitalized since the accident.

Ambassador Al Mansour reported that the condition of six injured citizens is stable, while one individual's condition remains unstable. He noted that the injured individuals will require hospitalization for several days for observation and treatment.

"Once their release is authorized by medical professionals, they will have the option to remain in Iraq or return to Bahrain. The embassy will provide all necessary support and services in accordance with such situations," he told our sister newspaper Alayam.

The ambassador further stated that a dedicated embassy team is monitoring the condition of the injured and handling all procedures related to the police report. He commended the exceptional cooperation extended by the Dhi Qar Police Station and the Nasiriyah Police Chief in facilitating the completion of all necessary formalities for the Bahraini citizens. Additionally, he praised the medical staff at the Turkish Hospital in Nasiriyah for their swift response and dedicated care for the injured.