Movie ticket to cost more at Vox Cineco
, Posted on 13-Jan-2018

Movie ticket to cost more at Vox Cineco

Manama : Moviegoers will have to shell out more money to watch their favourite onscreen flicks if by any chance they are at ‘Vox Cineco’.

“Yes, there is a price increase at the Vox Cineco,” a Cineco source told DT News

Ticket price, according to the source, was increased from “3BD to 3.5BD” at Vox Cineco.

However, when asked if the change is valid at other theatres too, the source said, “There is no price change at the Cineco Bahrain.” 

“We haven’t heard anything about a price increase in Cineco Bahrain,” the source added. 

Mukta Cinema, however, said they don’t have any such plans. 

“Our standard ticket price is 3BD,” said Marketing Manager for Mukta Cinema, Swapnil Shakya. 

“We haven’t increased the price nor do we plan to increase it anytime soon,” he added. 

In the meantime, Vox Cinema decision has created a stir on social media platform with one of the users saying: “The problem is not about the price increase, but the poor pay or no payment at all.”

“When the prices of the basic commodities increase, it should be reflected in the salaries too. But it is not, which is a burden. 

“Fuel price has increased already. Talks of VAT have also started doing rounds. Now we have movie ticket price increase. They have made basic entertainment altogether a costly affair.”

“The government should think this through so that there is a minimal burden on the common man,” the source said.  

Harpreet Kaur/DTNN