Indian School Bahrain Parent App released
, Posted on 19-Nov-2017

Indian School Bahrain Parent App released

Manama : A handy new app has been released for parents and students in the Indian School Bahrain. The Indian School Bahrain Parent App is now available for downloading on iPhones or Android mobile phones. The App provides the parents with announcements, news, circulars, emails and SMS with notification when received. 

The ISB parents can log in with the same username (Membership ID which is available on the fee receipt) and password as you login to the desktop version of the Parent Portal from the website. If they don’t have the password the parent has to login to the parent portal from the website ( and click on the get/forget password link to follow the instructions and an email will be sent to the registered email with the school by the parent earlier .

The mobile version of the parent portal has most of the features of the desktop version of the portal.

 “Our new ISB app has been developed with a focus on delivering even more effective communications with our key stakeholders,” said ISB Chairman Prince S Natarajan. 

“This is the latest method we can offer parents and students to keep right up-to-date on school information. As we continue work on our strategic goals of parental and community engagement, along with innovative use of technology, this will be a terrific asset for our communications,” he said.

The Indian School Bahrain Parent App is directly linked to school portal, so once content is published in the parent portal it automatically is pushed to the mobile app as well. “This creates a more efficient method for our staff to deliver messages and information out to parents, and students,” said Saji Antony, EC Member IT. 

The new app is easily downloadable to iPhones and Androids by searching on either for “Indian School Bahrain”.

Parents have hectic lives as well, and the ISB phone app   helps keep parents up-to-date about their child’s development at the push of a button.  Here are some features of the Indian School Bahrain Parent App.  

-  The first would be the student profile with the basic details.

-  School Calendar with list of events during that month

-  Progress Card of the child right from when the child joined the school

-  Fee payment related information will be available to help you keep track of any dues     

-   Communication with the class teacher (Presently in testing mode).

-  Photo Gallery with photos from different events including award ceremonies etc.

- A link to the school website

Many more options are on the way on the mobile like daily attendance, study materials (now available on the desktop version of parent portal)  etc.


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