Bahrain court fine siblings for assaulting brother
, Posted on 14-Sep-2017

Bahrain court fine siblings for assaulting brother

ManamaThe Second High Criminal  (appeal) Court has ordered two siblings to pay a fine of BD10 for assaulting their younger brother.

The incident happened after the 32-year-old younger brother complained to the police that his elder brother (43) and sister (41) assaulted him for “hiding the remote control of the television”.

The victim told the police that he was severely injured after “slapping him on the face” on June 16, 2016, for not knowing where the remote control of the television is,”

The police asked the victim back then to wait while the case was being investigated. But, soon, the victim came back to the police station informing them that he was “physically assaulted by his siblings as soon as he got back home”.

The victim informed the police that they locked him up  in his room for not informing them where the remote control device is.

He also claimed that his sister threatened to kill him and “throw him outside the house”.

The defendants, brother and sister, has filed an appeal against the BD10 fine verdict, which was rejected by the court.

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