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Blinken says US ’not involved in any offensive operation’

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US Secretary of State Antony Blinken yesterday refused to comment on reports of an attack by Israel on Iran, beyond saying Washington was "not involved in any offensive operation".

Speaking to journalists after a meeting with G7 counterparts in Italy, he declined to answer repeated questions about explosions in Iran, and reports that Israel had carried out retaliatory strikes.

 "I'm not going to speak to these reported events... All I can say is for our part and for all the members of the G7 our focus is on de-escalation", Blinken told a press conference on the island of Capri.

"The US has not been involved in any offensive operation," he said. Speaking to reporters earlier, G7 host Antonio Tajani, the foreign minister of Italy, said Washington had been informed in advance of the strikes, without giving details.

"The United States were informed at the last moment," he said, adding that "it was just information" passed on -- without saying who by. The reports dominated the G7 Friday, with Tajani forced to change the agenda, but little public information emerged.