Indonesian court sentences French drug smuggler to death | THE DAILY TRIBUNE | KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN

Indonesian court sentences French drug smuggler to death

An Indonesian court yesterday sentenced Frenchman Felix Dorfin to death for drug smuggling, in a surprise verdict after prosecutors asked for a 20- year jail term. Dorfin, 35, was arrested in September carrying the suitcase filled with about three kilograms (6.6 pounds) including ecstasy and amphetamines at the airport in Lombok, a holiday island next to Bali where foreigners are routinely arrested on drugs charges.

“After finding Felix Dorfin legally and convincingly guilty of importing narcotics... (he) is sentenced to the death penalty,” presiding judge Isnurul Syamsul Arif told the court. He cited Dorfin’s involvement in an international drug syndicate and the amount of drugs in his possession as aggravating factors. “The defendant’s actions could potentially do damage to the younger generation,” Arif added.

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