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Celebrating India’s remarkable achievements on the global stage on 77th Independence Day

By P. Unnikrishnan

As we commemorate India’s 77th Independence Day, India’s extraordinary journey has profoundly impacted the global arena.

India stands resolute as one of the world’s fastest-growing economies.

With a GDP of $3.75 trillion and an impressive $13.033 trillion (PPP) in 2023 estimates, the nation secures an exceptional 3rd rank and PPP rank in the same year.

Sustaining a remarkable GDP growth trajectory of 9.1% (FY2021-22), 7.2% (FY 2022-23), and 6.3% (FY 2023-24), India is confidently propelling itself to a distinguished position on the global economic stage.

The global arena is enriched by people of Indian origin who have risen to influential positions.

From US's VP Kamala Harris, UK's PM Rishi Sunak, and President of Blinken and Guyana, Mohammad Irfan Ali, the impact of Indian influence resonates.

Portugal's PM Antonio Costa and Suriname's President Chan Santokhi further exemplify this rising trend.

Eminent figures in prominent multinational corporations, including Adobe's Chairman, President, and CEO Shantanu Narayen; Microsoft's Chairman and CEO Satya Nadella; PepsiCo.'s former Chairman and CEO Indra Nooyi; Palo Alto Networks's CEO and Chairman Nikesh Arora; Google and Alphabet's CEO Sundar Pichai; World Bank President Ajay Singh Banga; and Deloitte's CEO Punit Renjen, continue to steer innovation and growth.

India’s partnership with GCC members holds great significance, with its share in India’s total imports escalating to 18% in FY 21-22 from 15.5% in FY 20- 21. Key exports to GCC countries encompass crude petroleum, petroleum gas, and diamonds.

Approximately nine million Indians reside in the Middle East, with 350,000 in Bahrain, embodying an integral part of these societies.

Notably, Bahrain has borne witness to the substantial contributions of Indians across diverse sectors.

From blue-collar workers to influential entrepreneurs, Indians have been pivotal in propelling the island’s economy. An impressive eight Indian billionaires adorn the Gulf, a testament to their steadfast dedication and remarkable achievements.

The vibrant spirit of innovation is evident in India’s burgeoning startup ecosystem. In 2022, India witnessed over 1300 new startups and 23 new unicorns.

The nation’s deep-tech startup landscape is a fertile ground for creativity, with over 3000 startups, including 485 inventive deep-tech ventures, spearheading innovative solutions. Under the visionary leadership of the Indian Presidency, the G20 Summit 2023 has adopted a poignant theme: “ONE EARTH, ONE FAMILY, ONE FUTURE.”

This theme beautifully underscores the interconnectedness of all life forms - humans, animals, plants, and microorganisms - on Earth and within the vast universe.

As we anticipate the historic Chandrayaan 3’s controlled soft landing near the Moon’s south pole on August 23rd, India is poised to become the first country to achieve this feat.

This landmark event exemplifies that India’s dreams know no bounds beyond the sky. On this 77th Independence Day, Indians worldwide can reflect with immense pride on the astonishing growth the nation has achieved post-independence.

Indian expatriates, particularly those in the Gulf, have significantly contributed to India’s progress over the past 77 years through substantial investments.

This Independence Day serves as a powerful reminder of India’s resilience, accomplishments, and limitless potential, steadfastly defining its journey on the global stage.

The Daily Tribune extends heartfelt wishes for a Happy Independence Day to all Indians in Bahrain.


P Unnikrishnan Chairman and Managing Director of The Daily Tribune