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Bahrain transforms into national playground for Sports Day

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Reported by Zainab Zaman

The Kingdom of Bahrain buzzed with activity yesterday as the eighth edition of National Sports Day unfolded. Led by His Highness Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports' First Deputy Chairman, General Sports Authority (GSA) Chairman, and Bahrain Olympic Committee President, the event saw the nation transformed into a vibrant hub for athletes, enthusiasts, and even the curious.

From Bahrain Bay to various governorates, the air was filled with the energy of competition, exploration, and a shared passion for health and well-being. Gone were the usual routines, replaced by a sea of athletic attire and running shoes.

Participants, from seasoned competitors to curious novices, eagerly tested their mettle in a diverse array of activities. Cricket pitches echoed with the crack of the bat against the ball while boxing rings pulsated with focused intensity. Weightlifters pushed their limits, and laughter filled the air as participants tackled playful sports challenges.

The highlight of the day was arguably the marathon race, drawing a spirited crowd from Bahrain Bay. The event wasn’t just about winning, however. It reflected a collective spirit of good energy, where individuals of all ages, body types, and athletic abilities came together to celebrate the joy of movement and the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

Adding his enthusiasm to the day was the Secretary General of the Bahrain Olympic Committee, Faris Mustafa Al Kooheji. A champion of sports and wellness himself, he emphasised the importance of National Sports Day in providing an interactive platform for everyone to engage in physical activity.

“We chose Bahrain Bay to promote physical activities in a fun way through walking and enjoying the booths,” he said, adding that Sports Day brings people together. “You don’t have to lift weights or do one type of sport. If you don’t like one sport, try exploring the different types of sports to find the right fit for you,” Al Kooheji said.

United in movement

National Sports Day transcended the boundaries of Bahrain Bay, with celebrations echoing across various governorates. Handball matches, table tennis tournaments, soccer games, and group walks painted a picture of a nation united in movement.

Bahrain’s commitment to fostering a culture of sports was further evident in the presence of representatives from the Brave Combat Federation, offering participants a chance to glimpse the thrilling world of MMA. Content creator and Brave team member Fahima Haque saw the day as a personal reminder of the importance of staying active.

“It’s a reminder for me to become more active so that I can do more throughout my day,” she reflected, echoing the sentiment of many participants. The eighth edition of National Sports Day proved to be a resounding success, offering a diverse array of tournaments, fun games, and prizes for all.

Healthy food vendors, athletic wear pop-up shops, and wellness advisors added to the enriching experience, ensuring that everyone left feeling energised, empowered, and ready to embrace a more active lifestyle. With such enthusiasm and commitment, Bahrain’s National Sports Day promises to continue inspiring a culture of health and well-being for years to come.


Marathon participants are flagged off (Pictures by Ashen Tharaka)