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Bahrain prepares for Paris Olympics

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Report by Hussain Almaskati

As Bahrain prepares to participate in the 33rd Olympic Games in Paris, scheduled from July 26 to August 11, the Bahrain Olympic Committee held a press conference to discuss the nation’s preparation and expectations.

Shaikh Isa bin Ali Al Khalifa, President of the Bahrain Olympic Committee, opened the conference by expressing his gratitude and excitement. “I would like to thank everyone present today, and I am sure that Paris will organize a beautiful Olympics.

We are very honored to participate,” he stated, highlighting the pride and anticipation surrounding Bahrain’s involvement.

Rigorous preparations

Fares AlKooheji, Secretary General of the Bahrain Olympic Committee, detailed the extensive efforts that have gone into preparing the athletes for the Olympics.

“The work that has been put in place has been extraordinary by His Majesty, King Hamad, after the creation of the Supreme Council for Youth & Sports.

His Royal Highness Shaikh Salman has put Bahrain on the international map of sports, and His Highness Shaikh Nasser, who has led the Olympic Committee for 10 years, has provided the correct infrastructure that is bearing fruit today,” AlKooheji said.

He emphasized that Bahrain’s qualification in wrestling and judo under the leadership of His Highness Sheikh Khalid is a testament to the country’s robust sports development programs.

AlKooheji also expressed confidence in the athletes’ performance, attributing it to their rigorous training and the support from the federations. “We have a very good technical team, and the federations have done a very good job to secure excellent training camps.

Now, it is up to the athletes to execute championships during the Olympic Games, which involves a lot of mental stress with the world watching, but I am very confident that our 14 players will perform well,” he said.

The French Ambassador to Bahrain attended the conference and expressed his excitement for the upcoming games.

“After the 1924 Olympic Games held in Paris, exactly one century ago, it is an honor to host the Olympics once again.

Allow me to congratulate the Olympic Committee on the flawless preparation of these athletes, which has paid off with the excellent qualifying results. Bahrain has performed exceptionally in international competitions, rising to the top of the rankings”, he stated.

He praised Bahrain’s athletes and their preparations, expressing confidence in their ability to shine on the global stage.


Bahrain’s Olympic delegation for Paris 2024 features a talented group of athletes competing across various sports. In athletics, Birhanu Balew will race in the 5,000m and 10,000m events, Oluwakemi Adekoya will compete in the 400m hurdles, Salwa Eid will participate in the 400m race, Nelly Jepkosgei will run in the 800m, Winfred Yavi will take on the 3,000m steeplechase, and the marathon will see Eunice Chumba, Tejitu Daba, and Rose Chelimo representing Bahrain. In swimming, Amani Al-Obaidli will compete in the 100m backstroke, while Saud Ghali will swim in the 200m breaststroke.

In weightlifting, Gor Minasyan will compete in the over 120kg category, and Lizman Montano will compete in the under 102kg category. Wrestling will feature Ahmed Tajeddin in the under 97kg category, and judo will see Eskirbe competing in the under 81kg category.


Historic Significance

The Ambassador also highlighted the extensive preparations in France for the Olympics, noting the historic significance and the welcoming atmosphere awaiting the athletes and visitors.

“In France, everyone is ready and looking forward to the big kickoff of the games. Crowds of spectators are gathering at the torch every day. Since the arrival of the torch in Marseille on May 8, the flame has been traveling the lengths and breadths of France with a total of 10,000 torch bearers along the way.

More than 1.5 million people have joined in this great celebration,” he shared. He further emphasized the inclusivity and sustainability of the games, stating, “This may be France’s games, but they are overall the world’s games.

We are more than ready to welcome the 13 million visitors to Paris as well as the 10,500 athletes and delegations. Of these 10,500 athletes, exactly half will be men and the other half women. For the first time in history, the games will be gender balanced.

The games are 100% accessible to people with disabilities and environmentally friendly, with 95% of sports facilities already in place.”

Message of encouragement

The Ambassador concluded with words of encouragement for the Bahraini athletes. “I look forward to bringing France and Bahrain together in the field of sport.

I would like to express once again my joy for the qualification of the Bahraini athletes, to whom I wish outstanding results in Paris in a few weeks’ time. You embody the bold determination of your country. We’re proud of you, and the entire French Embassy in Bahrain is behind you.

I wish you all a warm welcome to Paris, where you will take part in the world’s biggest sporting event.

Paris is ready; we’re waiting for you,” he said, encapsulating the spirit of international unity and competition that defines the Olympic Games.