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NMS student devises mathematics formula

Manama : Syed Ayser Hussain Umar a student of grade XII in New Millennium School has developed a formula to get the square of a two digit number.

The formula is (AB)2 = AxAB+AxB+C   X

Example : (12)2 =   1 x12+1x2+0     4      = 144

Where AB is a two-digit number and A and B are the first digit and the second digit respectively. C is the first digit of B2, X is the second digit of B2. X is the independent part of the square.

Syed Ayser Hussain Umar is also working on a formula to get the square of three digit numbers.

Anyone interested to know more can email at hussainumar827@gmail.com

The Chairman, Dr. Ravi Pillai, Managing Director, Ms. Geetha Pillai and the Principal, Arun Kuumar Sharma congratulated and wished him a blessed future.

The New Millennium School –DPS students are encouraged to think differently. They are not only trained to answer the questions but to question the answer and to question the question.

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