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Huawei Cloud unveils 10 AI-oriented innovations at MWC Barcelona 2024

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Huawei Cloud positioned itself as the “infrastructure of choice for AI applications” at its annual summit held during Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024. The theme, ‘Accelerate Intelligence with Everything as a Service’, underscored the company’s commitment to providing a comprehensive cloud platform for seamless AI adoption across diverse industries.

Jacqueline Shi, President of Huawei Cloud Global Marketing and Sales Service, emphasized the company’s focus on “pushing boundaries and bringing cutting-edge tech to customers.” She highlighted Huawei Cloud’s rapid global expansion, security certifications, and partner support programs.

The summit focused on the transformative potential of AI, particularly foundation models that redefine business models for various applications. Bruno Zhang, Huawei Cloud CTO, outlined the company’s two-pronged approach – ‘AI for Cloud’ leverages AI to enhance user experience, while ‘Cloud for AI’ simplifies and streamlines AI adoption through architectural innovation, AI-native storage, and data-AI convergence.

Ten key innovations were unveiled at the summit, shocasing Huawei Cloud’s comprehensive AI infrastructure. These included: KooVerse: A global cloud infrastructure with low latency, spanning 85 Availability Zones across 30 regions.

Distributed QingTian architecture: A high-performance computing backbone designed for complex AI workloads.

AI compute: Offers hyperscale AI training capabilities with high availability and stability. AI-Native storage: Provides efficient data handling solutions for training large models.

E2E security: Ensures robust security throughout the AI lifecycle, from data to applications. GaussDB: Delivers next-generation database features optimized for diverse needs. Data-AI convergence: Facilitates seamless integration and collaboration between data and AI workflows.

Media infrastructure: Offers efficient and scalable media services for various applications. Landing Zone: Provides unified account management, identity, permissions, and cost control for efficient resource utilization.

Flexible deployment: Enables deployment of Pangu model capabilities and services across various cloud environments. Beyond these innovations, Huawei Cloud announced the ‘Global Leap Program’ by the Cloud Native Elite Club (CNEC). This program aims to accelerate the global adoption of AI through collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Huawei Cloud’s participation at MWC 2024 extends beyond the summit, with product launches, forums, and seminars showcasing its commitment to driving innovation and collaboration in the cloud and AI landscape.