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TRA introduces new consumer protection measures in Bahrain

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In a first in the region, the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA) announced introducing key consumer protection measures to strengthen the telecommunications market through an undertaking signed by CEOs of all licensed operators in Bahrain.

Effective September 1, 2023, the new undertaking will introduce five main consumer protection measures.

The Contract Summary will provide consumers with a concise document along with their service contracts, summarizing the key terms and conditions of the services they are subscribing to.

The Contract Summary provides customers with a concise document summarizing key terms and conditions of their service contracts.

Contract Termination and End of Contract Notifications give customers notice when their contracts end and inform them of any outstanding charges or termination fees upon request.

Billing Transparency and Accuracy ensure operators provide transparent tariff information and accurate billing, instilling confidence in customers.

Tele-sales, Value-Added Services, and Multi-Factor Authentications require operators to promote telecommunications services responsibly and communicate terms and conditions.

Additionally, consumers will have access to view subscriptions, manage value-added services, and device installment plans, and track data usage.

Service Quality Levels allow customers to terminate contracts without fees if service quality falls below promised standards and isn’t resolved promptly.

Philip Marnick, General Director of the TRA, said the initiative will elevate consumer experiences and reinforce Bahrain’s position as a regional leader.

Shaikh Abdulla bin Humood Al Khalifa, the Director of Consumer and Communications, added that the Kingdom is setting a new standard in the region with the introduction of these comprehensive consumer protection measures.