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Exports of Bahraini products touch BD303 million in April

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Bahrain reported a three per cent increase in imports during April compared to the same month a year, says the latest foreign trade report, which also records a 37 per cent drop in the export of national origin products.

The report published by The Information &eGovernment Authority also reveals a deficit of BD152 million dinars in April 2023, contrasting with a surplus of BD24 million dinars during the same month the previous year.

This resulted in a 724 per cent increase in the deficit.

Imports increased by three per cent

During April this year, imports increased by 3 per cent to BD523 million from BD505 million in April last year, with the top 10 countries accounting for 72 per cent of the total imports.

Brazil topped the list with BD79 million worth of imports, followed by China with BD61 million, and Australia with BD54 million.

Non-Agglomerated Iron Ores and Concentrates were the top product imported to Bahrain at BD94 million, followed by Aluminum Oxide with BD48 million, and Gold Ingots at BD16 million.


Exports dropped 37 per cent

Meanwhile, exports of national origin products dropped 37 per cent to BD303 million from BD478 million in April 2022.

The top 10 countries accounted for 73 per cent of sales, where Saudi Arabia ranked first with BD88 million.

The United States of America ranked second with BD32 million and the United Arab Emirates third with BD29 million.

Unwrought Aluminum Alloys were the top products exported with BD96 million, followed by Agglomerated Iron Ores and Concentrates Alloyed with a value of BD50 million and Aluminum Wire Not Alloyed with BD16 million.

Re-exports rose 30 per cent

Re-exports rose 30 per cent to BD67 million from BD51 million for the same month in 2022, as the top 10 countries accounted for 91 per cent of the re-exported value.

The United Arab Emirates ranked first with 19 million, followed by Saudi Arabia with BD13 million, and Singapore with BD8 million.

Turbo-Jets was the top product re-exported from Bahrain at BD 13 million, followed by Four Wheel Drive (BD5.3 million), and Wristwatches made with Precious Metal came third with (BD4.9 million).