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Webinar Redesign the World: A global call to action by Sam Pitroda

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An inspiring event that brought together intellectuals and industry stalwarts from all over the globe, the webinar ‘Redesign the World’ can be defined thus. 

The virtual webinar took place on 24th August in honour of world-renowned orator and author Sam Pitroda and his book Redesign the World.

Mohammad Mansoor, the Director, The Council, WorldYouth.Group and  Founder and CEO of SAARA Group, curated the event.

The book ‘Redesign the World’, Mansoor said, “is a great eye-opener to the people all around the globe who must work parallel to bridge the gaps and eliminate poverty and illiteracy.”

Year of learning

According to the moderator, Shaikha Latifa Al Khalifa, Co-founder and CEO of Clever Play, 2020 has been the year of learning. She said, “It was the year of learning that a Pandemic can stop the world literally in its tracks, the year of learning that innovation and change are important, and the year in which we discover that a new normal is not just possible, it’s essential.”

Not a curse

Mohammed Kooheji, the Second Vice-Chairman of the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry, stressed: “We have taken the pandemic as not a curse but a boon so as humans we can move to the next level. The children’s behaviour has changed; due to the lack of possibility of gaming, cooking was something that children picked up along with painting and become more interesting for them.”

He added: “The retail sector has gone through a difficult time. However, businesses have adapted to the situation and taken a step towards digital and social media platforms.”

Wide-ranging repercussions

Sonya Janahi, the Founder and CEO of Maya La Chocolaterie, said, “I always say what Dr Peter says: that the best way to predict the future is to create it yourself,” which truly inspired us.

She discussed how the pandemic continues to be a highly personal, individual experience that is also an unprecedented globally shared phenomenon with wide-ranging repercussions and also questioned Sam about his view on how to sustain the financial requirement of the country.

Impact of Cyber Security

Dr Ahmed Al Janahi, the Founder and the Chairman Euro University of Bahrain, underlined issues like the impact of Cyber Security or the lack of it.

Affection for Bahrain

Sam Pitroda, who authored many books and has been in the telecommunications industry for 50 years, spoke about his affection for Bahrain.

He said, “I have been to Bahrain 3-4 times, and whenever I go, I feel at home not because it is close to India but because the people of Bahrain make you feel at home.”

He went on to introduce his book by stating, “I felt it was important to use this time (lockdown) to document some of my thoughts on the state of the world today. The world was last designed just about the time I was born, in 1942 so I am about 80 years old and the World Design is also 80 years old. Recently nothing in the world can be isolated and in this kind of a world we need New Thinking.”

The threepanellists also had plenty to share about their views on the current situation and share their experiences.


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Sonya Janahi


Dr. Ahmed Al Janahi


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