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Malabar Gold & Diamonds Broadens Partnership with Brink’s Inc., Embracing Innovative Strategies.

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Malabar Gold & Diamonds, the 6th largest jewelry retailer globally with over 350 showrooms across 13 countries, have extended their partnership with Brink’s Inc., a leading provider of cash and valuables management, digital retail solutions, and ATM Managed Services, to utilize their cash management services in the UAE & precious metal storage facilities globally.

“Brink’s Global Services has been Malabar Gold & Diamonds’ exclusive logistics partner for several years, and we are very excited to expand our longstanding partnership with them. By broadening the scope of our partnership to cash management services across our retail stores in the UAE and precious metal storage facilities globally, we are further optimizing our efficiency in retail operations and driving Malabar Gold & Diamonds’ global growth”, commented Mr. Shamlal Ahamed, MD-International Operations, Malabar Gold & Diamonds.

Through Brinks’ state-of-the-art cash management solutions, Malabar Gold & Diamonds’ retail stores in the UAE will optimize cash resources, improving liquidity and streamlining cash-related operations. By utilizing these solutions, Malabar Gold & Diamonds can enhance their financial performance, minimize risk, and maintain better control over their cash reserves.

“The signing of this agreement is a great example of the strong partnership between Brink’s and Malabar Gold & Diamonds. We look forward to many more years of successful collaboration as we continue to grow our businesses alongside each other,” commented Mark Eubanks, President and CEO of Brink’s.

“Malabar Gold & Diamonds has always been a pioneer in the adaptation of technology and our latest venture with Brink’s, a name that is synonymous with security, trust and excellence, is a testimony to our never ending strive for innovation. The advantages that the Brink’s cash management services and precious metal storage facilities offers us will add another layer of efficiency to our global operations, aiding us on our path to become the world’s no 1 jewelry retailer”, commented Mr. Abdul Salam K.P, Vice Chairman of Malabar Group.

With access to Brinks’ sophisticated vaults, Malabar Gold & Diamonds will be able to access precious metals across key trading locations, boosting their global growth.