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Immediately end Israeli aggression in Gaza, leaders demand one after another at Arab Summit

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H.E Moussa Faki Mahamat Chairperson of the African Union Commission

African commission from the beginning condemned the unprecedented destruction in human history. Called for joint effort to stop the war, implement political solution for two states. Implementation of this international resolution recognized by most of the countries around the world will ensure stability of the region as a whole. Any delay in implementing this resolution is similar to support continuation of this crisis and the shedding of the blood and amount to violation of humanitarian values. Double the efforts of humanity and ask good humans to join in this efforts. We in the African union commission are sitting together in the efforts of the arab world and our two worlds have one destiny. Regardless of the bilateral relationship between the arab states and African states, Islamic banks have contirubuted to the development of the African continent.

The Arab League secretary general Ahmed Aboul Gheit

“We are caught up in extremely exceptional circumstances. Women and children are being attacked everyday. People are being displaced with bombs. The whole world is on the same page about this reality. Occupation and peace cannot go together. Ethnic cleansing and peace cannot go together. Israel should end this occupation immediately. A number of western countries provide political coverage to Israel’s action. Even close friends of Israel are not able to support them now. Forced displacement is rejected by both the Arabs and the international community. We want to move forward and not go back to the tragic past. We need an independent Palestine. A two state solution recognized by all countries is imperative. Disasters in the Arab world are still occuring, it’s deep in Sudan, in Yemen, Syria, and Libya. Ceasefire is needed immediately. So many crises are waiting for solutions. We need to bring back normalcy. Their neighbors also got influenced by these threats. We are working day and night to provide solutions to these causes. The world is currently going through polarization. We are working through the Arab league to manage relationships between Arab countries and the international community. A relationship based on respect and partnership is the aim. We’re building this as constructive relationships. The goal is not to interfere in the affairs of other countries. Sustainability and taking on challenges is the deal. We stress international cooperation as this is the solution for prosperity.

Jordan King Abdulla II Ibn Al Hussein

Jordan King Abdulla II Ibn Al Hussein expressed his deep appreciation and thanks for HM King Hamad for hospitality and efforts. He said our families live in Palestine. What Gaza has witnessed, the consequences will impact generations. It will lead to more conflict. The war must stop and it’s human responsibility. Need to support Palestinian government. Should support Palestinian brothers to establish independent state. We strongly continue to support UNRWA in delivering aid to Palestine. All international efforts should be mobilized to support Palestinian people and to end the one-sided actions of Israel. We will continue to protect all the holy and Islamic places. Need to coordinate arab efforts. I hope the next session will be in better circumstances for our nations and would have peace prevailing.

Mahmood Abbas, president of Palestine

More than seven months and the crimes of genocide by israel, killing thousands of children and women, over 70 percent houses and institutions demolished. This was with American and international support. Usa has used veto not to stop the war but to stop full membership of Palestinian nation. Until when will this Israeli aggression continue. When will we be free from occupation.We’re still doing our duty to our state, nation, and the Palestinian people. Did a lot of financial and other reforms and reconstructions. This government has been complimented by all the governments in the world. Israle is seizing our money and has made us in a critical situation. Time has become very urgent to make Arab support to help the government in doing its duties, to press Israel to release our seized money, to make US stop vetoing against us, and to stop the double standards by international community. We thank all the countries who voted for Palestine in UN full membership. We ask our brothers and friends to review relations with Israel and linking it to the aggression.

President of Egypt, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi

Summit convened at a time when region is facing many challenges and complicated situation. Palestinian issue makes us to choose peace and stability or chaos. History will stop long to look at this war. Horrifying and displacing the people, taking their lands, unfortunate giveup by international communities and organizations. Children of Palestinian people who are orphans will be swords against international community. Egypt and the arab world are doing all possible to prevent further crisis. Israel is continuing with invasion and to use Rafah board to control over Rafah. Egypt is in its fixed position, is against destruction of Palestine, and creation of an environment not suitable for living in Palestine. Those people who think that military intervention will secure their security are dreaming. The results and outcomes of this region is far more bigger than those they are dreaming. Egypt has set the light when dark was there. We took and bear the sacrifice. Despite the dark image around the region, we still have optimism to save this region from this unlimited war and bloodshed. I call upon the international community and partners – now we’re being tested in unprecedented ways. Rights of Palestinian people are not less than the rights of any other people.

Mohamed Ould Ghazouani, president of Mauritania

There is no doubt that the situation now is really exception and complicated and sensitive. This is something that we all realize with pain and bitterness. Our brothers in Palestine, especially in Gaza, is facing massacre and we really feel the inability to achieve international intervention.The insistence of Israel to kill in front of the whole world requires our countries to double our efforts to end this brutal war and provide a state to the Palestinian people. There is no other solution. Whoever thinks that by extending the brutal occupation will bring justice is wrong. We’re required to put an end to this wrong and grant the Palestinians the right to a two state solution and also to find peaceful and sustainable solutions in the arab world. Due to lack of cooperation in arab world, the conflict will escalate. We have to set aside any differences and focus and cultural and religious values that unifiy us that are really strong so as to achieve peace in the arab world. This is the door to fix our issues in the arab world. I hope that this session would bring crucial change that to achieve the expectations of our people.

Ismail Omar Guelleh, President of Djibouti

Summit being held in critical time. Arab region passing through harsh circumstances. Israeli aggression, which whole world is against, is continuing. The great responsibility on our shoulders to end the tragedy. We should take strict position against Israel because of what is happening to our brothers in Palestine. We must guarantee that humanitarian aid is reaching the people of Gaza. We must ensure that peace prevails and try for full membership of Palestine in the UN, establish a Palestinian state with east Jerusalem as capital. We must adopt a joint arab effort and also to stop the war in Sudan, which is continuing for one year. If this crisis continue, it will lead to conflict in the whole area. We must work urgently more than we have done in the past.

Abdul Latif Rashid, president of Iraq

We meet today while we have the continuation of the aggression by the Israelis in Gaza, with a clear violation of international resolutions and shedding the blood of the innocent people. This has caused killing, displacement, and injuries to thousands of Palestinian people, which is considered a massacre. We reiterate the Iraqi stance to support Palestinian people, to support our full solidarity to achieve their aspirations, to obtain full membership with a state with East Jerusalem as capital, and fully recover its occupied lands.

Lebanon Prime Minister, Najib Azmi Mikati

Summit during a crisis but confident that we can resolve it. Lebanon facing three things - escalation by Israel on border violating national sovereignty, Lebanon keeping silence and peace. We renew our commit to legal methods and asks israel to withdraw from occupied territories and stop air and land attacks. Second is numbers of refugees in Lebanon. Make refugees go back to Syria. Needs to find a solution for this problem. Lebanon has not reached a system to elect a president and make constitution stable in Lebanon. We need to establish dialogue to restore stability in Lebanon. The case of Palestine is our first priority. We have to work together to bring in an immediate ceasefire and to reconstruct Gaza. Should work for two state solution and civil peace.

His Highness Sheikh Ahmad Abdullah Al Ahmad Al Sabah, Prime Minister of the State of Kuwait

Israel’s aggression caused thousands of martyr’s in Gaza. This region is not going to achieve peace or people won’t feel justice unless Palestinians achieve their legitimate state. International community must condemn and take action to stop the aggression in Gaza. Should provide shelter to Palestinian people. Kuwait calls upon international community and security council to provide full membership in the UN. We welcome the resolution issued by UN in this regard and we reiterate our fixed position for the Palestinian cause that would secure the rights of Palestinian people their legitimate rights to establish their independent state on the borders of June 4, 1967, with East Jerusalem as its capital, on the basis of the two-state solution, which is the essential prerequisite for peaceful coexistence, security and stability in the Middle East region. We strongly reject any forms of foreign intervention that would breach the sovereignty of any arab country. We stress the process of peaceful dialogue.