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Tourism Minister & Chairman of BTEA Partners with ATO President to Ignite Intra-Regional Tourism Growth

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Her Excellency Fatima Al Sairafi, Minister of Tourism, and Chairman of the Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority (BTEA), met with Dr. Bandar bin Fahad Al Fhaid, President of the Arab Tourism Organization (ATO), in the presence of Her Excellency Sarah Buhijji, CEO of the BTEA on the sidelines of the 33rd Arab Summit in Bahrain to discuss revitalizing the Arab tourism sector through strengthened regional collaboration.

Her Excellency emphasized several key initiatives to unlock the region's vast tourism potential, including enhancing cooperation in tourism education and training, promoting inter-Arab tourism, attracting investment in Arab destinations, and streamlining travel procedures between countries.

In addition to advocating for enhanced regional cooperation, Minister Al Sairafi underscored the urgency of implementing the Arab Tourism Strategy and dismantling barriers to inter-Arab travel and emphasized the significance of the meetings and discussions held during the Bahrain Summit in fostering tourism integration among Arab countries and boosting inter-Arab tourism rates.

The Minister further noted the considerable attention given by Arab governments to the tourism sector, citing various incentives, grants, and facilitated entry procedures implemented to support the industry.


The meeting also highlighted previous Arab summits that have yielded numerous decisions aimed at promoting integration and coordination among Arab countries to maximize the economic benefits of tourism in the region.

Minister Al Sairafi emphasized that Arab-level tourism coordination is essential for promoting and disseminating Arab culture, showcasing the rich heritage and historical sites found throughout the Arab world, and implementing collaborative programs and initiatives designed to advance Arab tourism and tourism investments.

Her Excellency also stressed the significance of enhancing the role of Arab media in promoting tourism, engaging Arab influencers and media professionals to showcase the region's unique offerings through their platforms.

This strategic approach aims to bolster the visibility and development of Arab tourist destinations, both regionally and internationally, with the goal of positioning them among the leading nations in the global travel and tourism industry.

Furthermore, Tourism Minister reaffirmed the commitment of the Ministry of Tourism and BTEA to collaborate with the Arab Tourism Organization in strengthening the Arab tourism framework and equipping it with the necessary capabilities for growth and development.

This commitment includes ongoing cooperation in organizing tourism events, providing comprehensive training and qualification programs for individuals working within the tourism sector, and devising strategic action plans to enhance all types of tourism and elevate the overall yield of Arab tourism revenues.