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Key to better living

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The Bahrain Council of Representatives, spearheaded by the Committee on Public Utilities and Environment, has unanimously approved a draft law to address the pressing housing crisis.

This progressive legislation, now pending governmental approval to be codified into law, will make residents earning up to BD1,200 per month eligible for a 300-square-metre housing unit.

For those with a monthly income exceeding that, a 400-square-metre unit will be available.

Speaking on behalf of the committee, MP Mohammed Al Maarafi emphasised that this law transcends the mere provision of housing units.

It also introduces the opportunity for citizens listed for housing to obtain building loans, significantly alleviating the financial burdens of construction and supporting them in realising their housing aspirations.

“The significance of this legislation cannot be overstated,” asserted MP Al Maarafi.

“It has the potential to invigorate the local construction industry, thereby advancing economic growth and generating employment opportunities.

This initiative is expected to drive the kingdom’s development and cater to the broader interests of its citizens.”

Strategic intent

The Council’s strategic intent in pushing this legislation is not only to offer immediate housing and financial aid but also to cultivate long-term stability and elevate living standards in Bahrain.

By reflecting the vision of His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Crown Prince and Prime Minister, the legislation demonstrates a commitment to fair housing access and economic prosperity, reinforcing the government’s steadfast commitment to the flourishing and welfare of Bahraini citizens.

This landmark legislation resembles a robustly constructed house: sturdy, visionary, and built to last.

By merging housing aid with financial support, the MPs are not merely erecting structures; they are crafting dreams, ambitions, and a more prosperous nation.