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Private university in Bahrain ordered to pay lawyer BD15,000 in outstanding fees

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The Bahrain High Civil Court has obligated a private university to pay BD15,000 to a lawyer as the remaining amount of her estimated fees.

The court found that the university had contracted with the lawyer to represent them in various cases, including the collection of late rents amounting to over half a million dinars.

The lawyer successfully collected arrears exceeding one million dinars.

However, a disagreement arose between the two parties regarding the estimation of the fees, which the court ultimately determined to be BD40,000.

The lawyer initiated legal proceedings, stating that representatives of the university had requested her services to legally collect rent owed by a company, which amounted to more than half a million dinars.

The agreed-upon fee was BD25,000, with the understanding that it could be increased as the case progressed.

The lawyer was granted an official power of attorney and had the authority to receive the deposited amounts in favour of the university from all courts.

She emphasised that no formal fee agreement was made regarding the amounts owed to her, as there was a mutual trust between the parties involved.

After more than two years of effort, final rulings were issued in favour of the university, entitling them to an amount exceeding one million dinars.

The lawyer and the university’s representatives agreed to deduct her new fees from the amounts paid by the company.

However, the university, through its legal representative, later demanded the return of all sums received by the lawyer from the execution file.

Consequently, she refunded the fees she had received and discovered that the power of attorney granted to her had been cancelled.