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Asian man jailed in Bahrain for attacking roommate over electricity bill

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A 24-year-old Asian man has been sentenced to three years in prison in Bahrain for violently attacking his roommate over an unpaid electricity bill. The attack reportedly resulted in a permanent disability to the victim’s face.

The Bahrain High Criminal Court also mandated the deportation of the assailant upon completion of his imprisonment.

A medical committee appointed by the court determined that the victim suffered a 5% disability on his face as a consequence of the attack.

According to court records, the altercation unfolded following heated arguments over the shared payment of their electricity bill in their shared accommodation.

Both individuals jointly paid the electricity bill, but tensions escalated when the victim requested the accused settle his outstanding portion to prevent a disconnection.

The accused, however, failed to comply, resulting in the electricity being cut off in their apartment.

The dispute escalated into violence, with the accused brandishing a knife and striking the victim’s right cheek, causing him to lose consciousness.

The prosecution charged the accused with assault causing bodily harm without the intent to cause the described injuries.

After reviewing evidence and testimonies, the Court found the accused guilty of compromising the victim’s physical safety and inflicting the specified injuries.