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Progressive Parents Alliance clinch resounding victory in Indian School Bahrain elections

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Under the shimmering lights of a late-night ballot showdown, The Indian School in Bahrain, with an impressive enrolment of over 11,900 students and the highest count among Gulf nations, experienced a game-changing twist as the Progressive Parents Alliance clinched a resounding triumph in the eagerly awaited governing body election held this Friday.

Binu Mannil Varughese, Mohammed Faizal, Mithun Mohan, Ranjini Mohan, Bonny Joseph, Biju George, and Rajapandian Varada Pillai have been elected to serve on the ISB Executive Committee for the upcoming term.

Six candidates represented the Progressive Parents Alliance (PPA), while Biju George ran as the chairman candidate for the United Parents Panel (UPP). Parvathi Devadasan, Middle Section Head Teacher, secured the position of Staff Representative to the Executive Committee.

The election featured a total of 22 candidates. The Indian School, with campuses in Isa Town and Riffa, hosted the election, drawing active participation from parents who ran under different panels for the governing body.

The Progressive Parents Alliance, at the helm of the administration since 2014, emerged triumphant, reaffirming their position as the chosen leaders for the third consecutive term. Prince Natarajan-led ruling body had previously clinched victory in both the 2017 and 2014 elections.

The continuity of the same regulatory board in 2020, executing Ministry of Education directives amidst the challenging circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, further solidified their credibility and experience in overseeing the school’s affairs.

Among the contenders this time were the United Parents Panel, which held power before 2014, and the recently formed Indian School Parents Forum. Binu Mannil, a seasoned leader who has served on the previous two governing bodies, spearheaded the Progressive Parents Alliance’s candidacy. Vani Sridhar led the Indian School Parents Forum, while Biju Thomas headed the United Parents Panel.

The election campaign witnessed extensive outreach, including family visits, parent-corner gatherings, and press conferences conducted by different panels. As allegations and counter-accusations unfolded during the campaign, the community eagerly awaited the culmination of this dynamic election process on December 8. Voting hours, spanning from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., provided ample time for parents to cast their votes, with the anticipation of shaping the school’s leadership for the next three years.

Vote counting took place on the same day, revealing the selection of seven parent representatives for the governing board, along with a staff representative chosen in collaboration with the school principal.

The newly elected members are poised to lead the school’s administration until 2027, carrying the responsibility of shaping the educational journey for thousands of students in the vibrant Indian School community in Bahrain.


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