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Bahraini legislators to finalise government subsidy restructuring scheme

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A joint meeting is scheduled to take place tomorrow between committee members and representatives from the Shura and MPs, as well as government team members in the committee to finalise the government subsidy restructuring scheme.

This was revealed by MP Abdulnabi Salman, First Deputy Speaker of the Parliament and head of the parliamentary team in charge of restructuring government subsidies for citizens.

The purpose of the meeting is to address the remaining questions and inquiries submitted earlier by the legislative team to the government. Regarding the significance of the upcoming meeting, Salman emphasised to our sister newspaper Alayam that it would finalise the agreement on the broad outlines and parameters of the subsidies, paving the way for a clear and practical numerical framework for these subsidies.

He stressed that the next phase would undoubtedly focus more on the quality of the support that should be provided to citizens. Regarding the existing agreements reached so far, Salman stated, “There is consensus between us and the members in the Shura Council, with alignment and understanding of the subsidy process and the necessity of improving living conditions for people.

There is also significant agreement with the government, which has already responded to 99% of our inquiries, which amounted to dozens of questions and inquiries. Only a very small number of important questions remain, which the government preferred to answer orally during the upcoming Sunday meeting.”


Salman confirmed the presence of complete and ready views within the parliamentary committee regarding the subsidy policy, awaiting the government’s final responses to present them in the near future.

Regarding the timeframe for the committee’s completion of its work, Salman stated, “In reality, there is no specific timeframe for the committee’s work, but what is certain is that we urgently need to resolve matters as quickly as possible because citizens are waiting and they are in dire need of these subsidies given the current circumstances. We want to achieve the maximum possible benefits for citizens, retirees, and various segments of society who are in desperate need of these subsidies. The progress of the work so far has been positive.”