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We must work to find mechanisms for regional security and stability: Al-Dhaen

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MP Dr. Maryam Al-Dhaen confirmed that including the “Manama Dialogue” as the focus of the future of the Middle East contributed to highlighting many issues of importance, given the geopolitical challenges that the region is witnessing during the current period.

Al-Dhaen stressed in a statement on the sidelines of the “Manama Dialogue” that achieving lasting security, peace and sustainable development for the countries of the region is a collective responsibility, pointing out the necessity of working to build strong alliances between brotherly and friendly countries.

She indicated that there is a close relationship between energy, peacekeeping operations, and the promotion of sustainable development, stressing the importance of expanding initiatives that fall within the framework of achieving the seventh development goal, “clean and affordable energy,” as energy represents an essential element in all the challenges that the world faces today, including security.

Addressing climate change or producing food, therefore access to energy is an essential issue for everyone.

Al-Dhaen noted the Kingdom of Bahrain’s keenness to contribute to shaping a more prosperous future for the peoples of the world, and the role it plays in achieving the goals and working to preserve the security and safety of countries and their peoples, noting that the Arabian Gulf region is considered a cornerstone of the Middle East region in particular and the world in general.

“Therefore, we must work to find joint mechanisms that guarantee collective security in the region and achieve stability and development,” she noted.

Al-Dhaen said that Bahrain has a prominent, fundamental role in regional politics, and that it is keen to settle conflicts, establish international peace and security, pay attention to humanitarian issues that concern all countries of the world, and keep pace with international efforts to achieve sustainable development goals so that peace prevails in the world and everyone enjoys a dignified and safe life.