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Innovative project to solve parking puzzle at Manama Central Market

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The Daily Tribune –

Reported by Zahra Ayaz

In a bid to enhance traffic flow and streamline operations in Manama Central Market, the Capital Municipality and a group of merchants have recently engaged in discussions regarding the implementation of a truck parking project.

Spanning an area of 20,000 square metres, this ambitious endeavour aims to address the existing parking challenges faced by numerous companies and vendors in the bustling market district.

According to a report from our sister paper, Al Ayam, the stakeholders involved have reached an agreement on the project’s stages, with plans set in motion for its completion during the first half of 2024.

The primary objective of this initiative is to ensure that the implementation process does not adversely affect the approximately 78 companies currently utilising the truck parking lots. Instead, the project aims to organise and optimise the parking system, fostering fairness and efficiency for everyone.

Meanwhile, vendor Yousuf Ali shed light on the existing parking challenges faced by merchants and shoppers alike. He highlighted the issue of trucks frequently occupying spaces near Ramez Mall and the fish market, leading to traffic congestion in the vicinity. With Manama Central Market being a bustling hub attracting numerous visitors, parking availability and convenience have become crucial factors for shoppers.

“The trucks that require parking in the area transport goods from various locations, such as Jordan and Egypt. Given their substantial size, accommodating these trucks necessitates a significant amount of parking space. “While there is one company that has a dedicated parking area for trucks, such an option is not available for every truck operating in the market,” he added.

The implementation of the truck parking project in Manama Central Market, therefore, holds great promise for mitigating the current parking challenges faced by vendors, shoppers, and truck operators.

By optimising the allocation of parking lots and creating designated spaces for trucks, the project aims to alleviate traffic congestion, enhance accessibility, and provide an organised parking system that benefits all stakeholders.