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Bahrain King receives annual reports of Shura, Representatives councils

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The Daily Tribune –

His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa yesterday received the annual report of the Shura and Representatives councils for the first session of the sixth Legislative Term.

The report was presented by the Speaker of the Council of Representatives, Ahmed bin Salman Al Musallam, and First Deputy Chairman of Shura Council, Jamal Mohammed Fakhro, at Al Sakhir Palace.

The Speaker and the Shura’s First Deputy extended their condolences and those of the members of the two councils to HM the King over the loss of BDF servicemen as a result of the act of aggression while they were valiantly performing their duty defending the southern borders of Saudi Arabia, within the Arab Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen, as part of the Operation Decisive Storm and Operation Restoring Hope.

They hailed the heroic sacrifices of the BDF servicemen, which will always be remembered by the nation. HM King Hamad expressed his thanks for their sentiments, affirming pride in the national efforts, achievements and stances of the legislative branch.

HM the King praised the Speakers’ sincere patriotic positions and the aspirations of citizens, enhancing Bahrain’s position and reputation in international parliamentary forums. HM King commended the advanced cooperation between executive and legislative branches that aims to serve Bahrain’s development.

The initiatives and proposals included in the annual report were also commended by HM the King. HM the King said that development will always be prioritised, to meet the interests of citizens and create opportunities for them.

HM added that the people of Bahrain have demonstrated in many occasions their dedication and loyalty to their nation, standing together to serve Bahrain. HM the King said he took pride in the efforts of Bahraini men and women in all sectors.

HM the King noted that Bahrain has ties and close cooperation with the world, which it is keen to strengthen and develop to serve its interest and growth. The Speaker and the First Deputy expressed gratitude to HM the King for his directives and support for the legislative branch, which reflects in its achievements and contribution to further driving development.

Al Musallam expressed pride in presenting the annual report on the HM the King. He highlighted that the royal directives by HM the King are top priorities for parliamentary and national action, providing incentives for delivering more achievements to serve the nation and citizens within the framework of the comprehensive development process.