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Will microchipping help end dog dumping in Bahrain?

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Reported by Zahra Ayaz  

Muharraq Municipality member Musaab Al Shaikh has proposed the enforcement of microchipping by breeders or owners to combat the growing issue of dog dumping. Al Shaikh emphasizes the importance of microchips in making it easier to locate and rescue abandoned dogs, as they can quickly identify the owners or breeders responsible for the animals.

However, Al Shaikh expresses concern about the lack of individuals willing to take legal action against these negligent dog owners and breeders, calling for accountability and justice.

Meanwhile animal activist, Fathiya Al Bastaki, believes that breeding goats, cows, and birds is acceptable in Islam but should be avoided to prevent abandonment and stray animals. The call for action comes in response to a recent online report by The Daily Tribune and News of Bahrain, which highlighted the alarming increase in dogs being dumped.

Roberta Kunzler suggested that animals should be sold only after being sterilized and breeders should obtain expensive licenses. Mazen Saffar called for increased public education to prevent harm to animals and called for comprehensive awareness campaigns to promote empathy and responsible behavior towards animals.

Stricter punishments for dog owners who abandon their pets, such as fines or short jail terms, are also proposed. Sudhij Nambiar suggested implementing a registration system accompanied by proof of financial capability for prospective pet owners to ensure proper care for their pets.

The Muharraq Municipality, in collaboration with activists and citizens, is actively considering these proposed solutions to tackle the issue of dog dumping.