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Abandoned boats on Bahrain roads leave pedestrians adrift

TDT | Manama    

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The Southern Municipality has removed several abandoned boats from the Umm Al-Bayd area, south of Sitra, that were causing disruptions to both traffic flow and pedestrian movements in the area.

Officials said the boats were adversely affecting the area's overall aesthetic and were removed after serving notices.

Notices were duly served to multiple parties, some of whom promptly responded by removing their boats. For those who failed, municipal authorities took action by removing the boats and initiating legal proceedings as necessary.


Officials said they are also working to clear cars and vehicles displayed for sale from public places, alongside intensifying efforts to eliminate unauthorised and non-compliant advertisements and street vending.

Officials emphasised that according to Decree-Law No. 10 of 2019, it is illegal to abandon vehicles, as well as any type of refuse or scrap, in public areas.

Those who receive notices are obligated to rectify the violations within 49 hours.

Additionally, the law prohibits the occupation of streets, squares, public spaces, and vacant lots with vehicles intended for sale or rent, mandating their removal within 24 hours of notice issuance to avoid legal consequences.