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Draft law to regulate recruitment of domestic workers in Bahrain

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Shura Council member Adel bin Abdul Rahman Al Asoumi is proposing a draft law to regulate the recruitment of domestic workers in Bahrain.

The law aims to set a price ceiling for recruitment, determine salaries and contract conditions, and establish the responsibility of recruitment offices in case of workers running away.

It also calls for Bahrain to sign labour recruitment agreements with other countries to ensure recruitment fees and salaries remain within specified limits. The draft law also emphasizes the need for Gulf cooperation on labour issues to protect citizens' interests amid rising salaries for domestic workers.

The ceiling for foreign labour recruitment to Bahrain should not exceed BD550, and accredited offices in the country of employment and Bahrain should be established. The monthly salary for domestic workers should not exceed BD120, with an annual increase of BD2.

The recruitment office will be responsible for runaway workers and bear travel ticket costs in case of deportation. Additionally, the office will be required to pay 50% of the employer's total salary.