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Social media influencers in Bahrain make ‘less money’

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Reported by Ashen Tharaka

The social media influencers’ income issue was revealed at the economic council, organised by the Bahrain Businesswomen's Society (BBS), at its premises in Mahooz.

It was held under the title "The size of the market for influencers on social media and its impact on the economy". The council was attended by a group of influencers on social media, a representative from the Labour Fund, Tamkeen, and a number of businesswomen and businessmen.

BBS president Ahlam Janahi said: "The economic council is one of the most important events that we have been organising in the Bahrain Businesswomen’s Society for years, and we strive to make it continuous to always keep up with the economic developments in the Kingdom."

Janahi explained that the society was keen to invite these influencers, Tamkeen, and representatives of the private sector to display all means of cooperation between them, present examples of their work, and show how their activity can be utilised.


Additionally, Tamkeen also provides training courses for influencers and displays other means of support. BBS First Deputy Shaikha Aisha bint Mohammed Al Khalifa emphasised the importance of holding this economic council every month and presenting a topic that concerns the economic sector in the presence of officials and stakeholders in this important sector.

BBS's Social Media Club president, Ali Sabkar, stated that influencers and bloggers are classified according to their specialties, whether as advertisers, opinion leaders, influencers, content creators, media personnel, or presenters, including both male and female. Sabkar pointed out that the monthly income of these influencers in Bahrain is low compared to other Gulf countries because of their fewer followers.

For example, the monthly income for an influencer in Bahrain ranges from BD500 to BD10,000, with no upper limit. In Kuwait, the income is much higher due to the difference in society and the increase in the number of social media users.

The Head of the Evaluation Department at Tamkeen, Noha Suleiman, said, "We are honoured today to be present at this event and present the support provided by the Labour Fund to this category of influencers on social media, realising the impact of this sector on the national economy." She emphasised the importance of having Tamkeen as an assistant in developing the work of those working in this field and providing programmes to develop their skills.