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Proposal to raise Bahrain government employees allowances by 20%

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A proposal was put forward to raise the living allowances of government employees by 20% during a discussion on the state’s general budget, an Al Ayam report said, quoting unnamed sources.

The report further said the proposals also included a recommendation to increase the allowance for retirees by approximately BD30 for those with salaries below BD1,500. In response, members of parliament (MPs) demanded a 100% increase in the living allowance for the government sector and a BD40 raise for retirees.

These proposals were presented during a meeting of the legislative and executive authorities to discuss a draft law to approve the state’s general budget for the fiscal years 2023–2024.

The meeting was chaired by Speaker of the Council of Representatives Ahmed bin Salman Al Musallam, Shura Council Chairman Ali bin Saleh Al Saleh, and Minister of Finance and National Economy Shaikh Salman bin Khalifa Al Khalifa. It was attended by ministers, members of the Financial and Economic Affairs Committees in the Shura and Representatives Councils, and officials.

Al Ayam's report said the proposals were for enhancing living conditions and improving the purchasing power of citizens and retirees. Representatives of the Financial and Economic Affairs Committee of the Shura Council emphasized the importance of maintaining a balanced state budget and avoiding excessive expenditures.

They stressed the need to continue implementing the financial balance programme to achieve the desired economic stability.