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Take immune-boosting nutrients to stave off flu, says Bahrain health expert

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Report by Zahra Ayaz

Flu-like symptoms, mainly among school students, have been on the upsurge in Bahrain for the last few weeks.

A weak immune system could be the possible cause of the fast spreading of the disease, said Dr Dunia Akbar Jawad from The Kid’s Clinic in Manama.

Speaking to The Daily Tribune, Dr Jawad said, “First of all, the flu has nothing much to do with the winter months; instead, it is caused by the virus, which is very contagious.

“An infected child spreads the flu to others from school.

If a child has the flu, parents should keep them home and treat them with antibiotics if required.

Parents should also monitor their health for one to two days before sending them to school.

“Mostly, parents try to treat kids at home by giving Panadol without consulting with a doctor.

Then, they will send the kids to school before the Kid recovers from the flu. This is one of the main reasons for the spreading of the disease.

“ We tend to close our windows during winter, thinking the breeze will make us ill.

But unfortunately, a closed room is more prone to viral infection at home or school.

Dr Dunia emphasised that one with weak immunity should take vitamin D supplements during the winter and always wash their hands to prevent the flu and to strengthen their immune systems.

“There are medications to gain a robust immune system that does not guarantee that children won’t catch the flu again, but it is adequate to make it milder.

“Pandemic has weakened our immune system; a flu shot can help us to gain immunity to fight such viral infections.

“It is more contagious may be more than the coronavirus, and many children are becoming sick this year, and some even end up in hospitals,” she added.

Panadol was widely sold and went out of stock for a few days last week, but most pharmacies brought more inventory to meet the demand.