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Supreme Health Council tasked to develop national strategy for Kingdom: Al Saleh

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The Supreme Health Council shall be tasked to develop the national health strategy of the Kingdom of Bahrain. This was confirmed by Health Minister Faiqa bint Saeed Al Saleh during the government media briefing organised by the National Communication Centre in cooperation with the Ministry of Health.

It discussed the role of the Health Ministry in upgrading the Kingdom’s health system. Parts of the Supreme Health Council’s duties will be to follow up its implementation with the relevant ministries, institutions and bodies, the implementation of a comprehensive health insurance system and the development of policies for future health needs.

It will also help formulate the training policies for health personnel, a unified health information system, development of quality standards, promotion and coordination of scientific research, the establishment of controls for the appointment of boards of health institutions, coordination of health sector stakeholders, governance, follow-up and evaluation of the health system through reports issued by the Ministry, adoption of committee reports and action through the Ministry as executive director.

Al Saleh said that the Ministry is an essential component of the Council, which participates in all its duties and functions and in health financing decisions and policies, and in the field of quality, planning and training in line with Bahrain’s Vision 2030.

Her Excellency stressed that according to the health system and within the framework of health insurance, government health service providers include both primary care, government hospitals and military hospitals.

Private institutions include both clinics and centres licensed to provide primary health services, and private hospitals, while the health services project is limited to the “Shifa” social insurance organisation, which provides insurance services to citizens, and private insurance companies that provide insurance services to residents.